2010 - 11 Fixtures

2010 - 11 Fixtures

Postby Selston FC on Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:31 pm

Is it me or is there a distinct lack of fixtures for teams during the first few weeks of the season. I understand that the fixtures are generated by the FullTime system, but surely these games would be better to be played now rather than during the bad weather section of the season ie. Dec/Jan.
Selston are due to kick off the first game of the season 5 week later than the rest of the division. :o
Selston FC
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Re: 2010 - 11 Fixtures

Postby MALLINJ on Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:52 pm

Yes it looks to be a pretty shocking state of affairs.

We (Tansley Terriers) have no opening game, play the following week, then have no fixture until 31st October !!!!

I have raised this with Clive Pickles and am waiting for a reply.

I do not want to start re-arranging the whole fixture list manually !

There are 8 teams in Div 1, therefore there should be 4 games each week. If we finish by Christmas, then so be it.

Also, I think 2 leagues would have been better than 3. 14 games for a season is ridiculous.

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